Roxy Music’s Avalon will get a pretentious however illuminating overview


In terms of traditional albums, there can absolutely be none extra refined and seductive than Roxy Music’s Avalon. Launched in 1982, it fused Bryan Ferry’s world-weariness with a creamy ambiance that brought on hearts to flutter and knees to tremble. It additionally delivered the kiss-off to Seventies Roxy Music, changing their arty manic pop thrill with layered music that, if it have been a smoking jacket, wouldn’t have a thread misplaced.

Roxy Music’s Avalon by Simon A Morrison (33 1/3/Bloomsbury, £10) explores, usually fairly pretentiously, the background and cultural parts that went into its making. “He’s a pleasing conversationalist of old-school reserve and manners,” writes Morrison of a relaxed meal with Ferry in 2013, “keen to indulge the tabloids with a soft-spoken citation or two, however enigmatic, preferring misinterpretation to soul-baring. That’s tremendous with me: as a scholar, I’m much less within the musician than the music.”

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