7 Bizarre Issues You Did not Know About The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Brand


The lights are off, and a full moon’s glow from the display fills the shadows.  A wolf’s howl serenades the viewers, and acquainted gothic lettering rises into silhouette like one thing from past the grave. A wailing guitar cascades right into a catchy riff, and the intro to Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes off.  Thanks partially to its immediately recognizable title card, it stays one of the beloved collection of the final a number of many years, and its affect might be seen in all the pieces from The Vampire Diaries to Supernatural. 

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Its look, tone, and narrative have been really modern within the late ’90s, and its story a few younger slayer and her mates preventing the forces of darkness in a small California city continues to garner generations of latest followers. Whereas there are a lot of iconic points to the collection, from the distinctive approach it presents vampires, to Buffy’s sense of vogue, and even the best way characters work together by way of “Buffyspeak”, its emblem is a outstanding image of its lasting impression on popular culture.

7 It Bears A Hanging Resemblance To The Dracula Brand

bram stoker's dracula poster by margo chase

The yr 1992 was vital for followers of vampire movies with the premier of each Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the film) and Bram Stoker’s DraculaFrancis Ford Coppola’s luxurious gothic horror movie that introduced a barely extra romantic model of Rely Dracula and chronicled his journey from the Carpathian Mountains to Victorian London.

Graphic designer Margo Chase was the artist behind the poster marketing campaign for Coppola’s movie, which grew to become notorious for its iconic purple lettering and gargoyle bust. It was her work on the movie that landed her Joss Whedon as a shopper.

6 The “B” Has A Hidden Message

Buffy the vampire slayer title card logo

Previous to the gothic model of Buffy’s title showing on the title card in Season 2, it was a part of a way more simplistic emblem, with Buffy’s title having the looks of being hand-written. The Slayer was nonetheless adjusting to her function as The Chosen One and her new slayer talents.

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In Season 2, she’s already killed a number of vampires, in addition to battled The First for management of the Hellmouth. When that occurred, the “B” in Buffy’s title acquired Buffy’s signature weapon added to it – Mr. Pointy.

5 It Was Designed By The “Queen of Goth”

Remembering Margo Chase Buffy the Vampire slayer logo designer Growing up Goth

Margo Chase grew to become so synonymous with the aesthetic of the brand for Buffy the Vampire Slayer that she grew to become often known as the “Queen of Goth” due to its distinctly dramatic font. She took inspiration from illuminated manuscripts of the sort Giles would read, in addition to calligraphy, and even medieval structure.

To distance herself from this label and to not pigeon-hole her talents, she took work from giant companies like CVS Pharmacy in order that her portfolio would mirror one thing apart from the logos for her horror and fantasy purchasers.

4 It Wanted To Look Utterly Completely different Than The Film Brand

The 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry, Donald Sutherland, and Rutger Hauer was a black comedy fantasy horror movie that was modified from author Joss Whedon’s unique screenplay to one thing extra campy. This prompted him to change the course of the collection that might come out 5 years later.

To correspond with the darker shift, the brand was modified from having the phrase “Buffy” in pink to white, and later all of the lettering was made to resemble the title card on a mid-century gothic horror movie.

3 The Brand Modified After The First Season

buffy the vampire slayer logo design change first to second season

Most followers affiliate the collection with the brand that has been plastered on DVDs, sweatshirts, and paraphernalia for many years; specifically an intricate, gothic script that evokes the bygone period of horror movies Hammer Movie Productions, resembling Horror of Dracula.

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From 1997-1998, when the brand appeared on display to introduce the collection, the title “Buffy” was meant to look hand-written, much like how Buffy Summers would signal her title. From 1998-2003 it featured “Buffy” in the identical gothic font as “the Vampire Slayer”.

2 It Was Created By The Identical Designer Behind Charmed, Angel, and Madonna

Madonna Like A Prayer Logo by Margo Chase

When graphic designer Margo Chase additionally designed the logos for 3 different common collection that centered on the supernatural (and vampires); CharmedAngel, and The Vampire Diaries. Of the 2, Charmed has a emblem that almost all intently resembles the Buffy the Vampire Slayer emblem, and is indicative of Chase’s need of a gothic flourish.

Along with offering the logos for these two hit collection, Chase was a typography designer who was behind among the fonts used for pop’s greatest names, together with Cher’s “Love Hurts” marketing campaign, Prince’s “Lovesexy” marketing campaign, and Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” marketing campaign.

1 It is Designer Died In A Aircraft Crash

Margo Chase Buffy the vampire slayer logo designer plane crash 2017

Margo Chase, the graphic designer behind the creepy and iconic emblem, tragically handed away in 2017 in a airplane crash. In keeping with the Worldwide Aerobatic Membership, Chase was an avid aviator, and was training a specific sequence in her plane when her airplane went down. She was taken to the hospital however later succumbed to her accidents in Apple Valley, California.

In 1986, Chase based the Chase Design Group, which labored with such recognizable manufacturers as Procter & Gamble, Campbell Soup Co, Nestlé, ESPN, Microsoft, and PepsiCo, along with designing logos for among the most well-known collection streaming right now. The logos she helped create little doubt contribute to their lasting legacies.

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